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PRIVACY POLICY In compliance with the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties (the "Law"), this site that promotes the nursing home located at Benito Juárez 55 1st section, Colonia Tlalpan Centro, Mexico City, (hereinafter Damadi), we protect and safeguard your personal data to avoid damage, loss, destruction, theft, loss, alteration, as well as the unauthorized treatment of your personal and financial data. We inform you of the terms and conditions of the DAMADI Personal and Financial Data Privacy Notice (“Privacy Notice”), with address at Benito Juárez 55 1st section, Colonia Tlalpan Centro, Mexico City and its branches, Mexico City Tel. 71587081. The protection of data of our clients and suppliers (hereinafter the "RESIDENTS"), is of utmost importance to us. In accordance with the foregoing, this "Privacy Notice" applies to all information, including personal information collected by DAMADI, as well as third parties with whom DAMADI celebrates or is going to enter into a contractual or service relationship, the user You grant your consent to DAMADI, to collect and use your Personal Financial Data for the purposes specified below. In the collection and processing of said information, DAMADI undertakes and obliges to observe and comply with the principles of legality, consent, information, quality, purpose, loyalty, proportionality and responsibility. That is, all the data that we request will be collected in a lawful way, with your consent, collecting only and exclusively the pertinent, correct, updated and necessary data, committing ourselves to always ensure compliance with these principles and to be accountable in the event of non-compliance. . Therefore, and in terms of the provisions of the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties, through this DAMADI notice, DAMADI informs RESIDENTS of the residence and the corresponding website of its personal and financial data protection policy. so that they determine freely and voluntarily if they wish to provide DAMADI, the Personal and Financial Data that may be required and, if provided, the terms and conditions to which the treatment of the same will be subject.What are the purposes of have your personal and financial details? Your personal and financial data are processed for the following purposes: i) Nursing care and to know the needs and conditions of the elderly resident of DAMADI, ii) Promotions iii) Billing and payment of services, iv) Sending and planning of economic proposals and of services. Personal and Financial Data Treated To achieve the purposes indicated above, the following personal and financial data will be processed: i) Name, ii) Federal Taxpayers Registry, iii) bank account, iv) proof of address, v) email, vi) Medical conditions, vii) contact details of the elderly person, viii) place of transfer in case of emergency; Committing ourselves that the treatment will be absolutely essential for the aforementioned purposes and to treat them under the appropriate security measures to protect confidentiality. If we do not have this information, we will not be able to provide you with DAMADI service. We emphasize that, if we request sensitive data due to the nature of our service, so when contracting the service and signing this document, they grant the broadest consent to provide that information to the owners, caregivers, nurses and doctors of the home, as well as anyone directly involved in the service. Sensitive personal data. In accordance with current Mexican legislation, "Sensitive Personal Data" is known as "those that may reveal aspects such as racial or ethnic origin, present and future health status, genetic information, religious, philosophical and / or moral beliefs, union affiliation. , political opinions, sexual preference ”. The information provided in DAMADI and our website is protected in an administrative, technical and physical way to avoid losses, misuse or unauthorized access, publications, modifications or destruction of the personal and financial data that you have provided to us. DAMADI will ensure that the Personal and Financial Data contained in our databases are pertinent, correct and updated for the purposes for which they were collected. When the Personal and Financial Data are no longer necessary for the fulfillment of the purposes set forth in this Privacy Notice and the applicable legal provisions, they will be canceled. The treatment of your Personal and Financial Data will be that which is necessary, adequate and relevant in relation to the purposes set forth in this Privacy Notice. Who do we share your information with? DAMADI, may hire caregivers, nurses, doctors, ambulances or any medical and therapeutic service to support DAMADI's services, so DAMADI could even transfer them to said third party (s) only to comply with the provision of the hired services. It is understood that you have given your consent to the transfer of your personal data, if you do not express opposition to their being transferred. The personal data that you provide to DAMADI may be compiled and fixed in a database that is the exclusive property of DAMADI. Links to external sites on this portal are not the responsibility of DAMADI, so we do not assume any responsibility regarding content and policies. privacy on such sites. express. How can you exercise your ARCO rights and revoke the consent granted? In terms of the Law, as of January 6, 2012, you may initiate the procedure for the protection of ARCO rights before the Federal Institute for Access to Information and Protection of Personal Data (IFAI) within 15 days from the date. in which DAMADI, responds to your request or, if after a period of 20 days, DAMADI does not respond to your request. As the owner of personal and financial data, you may exercise the ARCO rights (access, cancellation, rectification and opposition to the processing of your personal and financial data), or, revoke the consent that you have given to DAMADI, for the treatment of your personal and financial data, by directly sending your request through the email account Said request must contain at least: (a) name and address or other means to communicate the response to your request; (b) the documents that prove your identity or, where appropriate, legal representation; (c) the clear and precise description of the personal and financial data with respect to which it is requested to exercise any of the ARCO rights, (d) the express declaration to revoke your consent to the processing of your personal and financial data and therefore, to that are not used; (d) any other element that facilitates the location of personal and financial data. Consent. The signing of this document and / or the entry and / or registration through the Site and / or by Other Means implies the full and unreserved consent of the RESIDENTS for the Processing of their Personal Data in accordance with this Privacy Notice. The owner of the Personal Data declares that they are of legal age on the date they are provided and have full legal capacity. In the event that data of persons who are in a state of interdiction or incapacity established by law are processed as an exception, Personal Data of said holders will not be collected, without the prior consent of the person signing this document, or where appropriate, of the guardian or legal representative, in accordance with the applicable representation rules in each case. If DAMADI, due to human or technical error, or by inadvertent of the owner, collects Personal Data from incapacitated persons, said data will be eliminated from the databases that contain them as soon as they become aware of the same. Modifications to the privacy notice. We reserve the right to change this Privacy Notice at any time. In the event that there is any change in this Privacy Notice, you will be notified through our page In case you wish to exercise any of the aforementioned rights or revoke the consent that you have given us, you may do so By request addressed to our Special Unit of Personal Data either by phone, via mail or directly. Address: Benito Juarez 55 1st section Colonia Tlalpan Centro, Mexico City and its branches Tel.71587081 Mail: Site liability exclusion. The Site may contain hyperlinks or hypertext "links", banners, buttons and / or search tools on the "World Wide Web" which, when used by RESIDENTS, lead to other portals or Internet sites that may be owned by third parties. The Personal Data that RESIDENTS provide through these portals or Internet sites are not covered by this Privacy Notice and its Treatment is not the responsibility of DAMADI. We recommend that RESIDENTS verify the Privacy Notices displayed and applicable to these portals and Internet sites. RESIDENTS may find within the Site, pages, promotions, microsites, virtual stores, surveys and other services that may be shared with third parties and that may request their Personal Data (hereinafter "Third Party Sites"). Any information related to the Personal Data that is provided through the Third Party Sites will be subject to the respective privacy notices that are contained in each of them, unless DAMADI indicates otherwise. DAMADI advises its RESIDENTS that some services on the Site may include, but are not limited to, discussion forums, personal Internet pages, classified ads, emails, chat rooms, among others. Therefore, the Personal Data that is disclosed through said means could in some cases be accessible by third parties. DAMADI will not be responsible for the use, publication, disclosure and / or disclosure that is made regarding the Personal Data used, published, disclosed and / or disclosed through the aforementioned means. We recommend that RESIDENTS be careful and responsible for all personal information that they provide in said media.

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