Welcome to Dämadi Pedregal Residence!

Enjoy a unique and warm experience like no other.

In our residences, we pay a delicate and well-deserved tribute to all the homes in the world and in Mexico, who are blessed to have a beloved grandparent in their family.

Pedregal Residence

Discover our new Pedregal Residence, an exclusive place in the south of the city. These spacious and cozy rooms will relive the best moments of your life and connect with your inner child.

At Meseta Pedregal, we honor all the emotions and experiences that make grandparents feel at their peak. Here they will find the perfect setting to live their days surrounded by happiness and precious memories.

Our residences are the ideal home for grandparents with a young soul and vibrant attitude. Those who enjoy their physical and mental independence, and who wish to live new and exciting experiences. We will provide them with a warm and welcoming environment, filling that void sometimes left by the absence of their children when they have already formed their own lives. Here, they will never appear alone or neglected, because their well-being and happiness are our top priority.

Experience Menu

A clean and neat home for our grandparents to live in.

A comfortable, warm and clean suite

Home kitchen for nutritious, healthy meals morning, noon and night.

Specialized medical attention and care all day long

Physical activities to exercise their body

Conviviality and social activities

Laundry service 365 days a year

Security and care 24 hours a day

Art and cultural experiences

Dance and music experiences

Technological experiences


Each resident chooses which activities they are most excited about, according to their likes, skills and limitations.

Always enjoying everyone’s ideas and suggestions which generates a very positive and fun environment of integration.

Board Games


Painting Workshop


A taste of Dämadi Pedregal Residence

Our facilities

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