Older adults with diabetes in nursing homes.

26 January, 2021

During the last decades, the number of people with diabetes in Mexico has increased and is currently the second leading cause of death in the country.

Diabetes Mellitus is a condition that currently prevails in populations where the age groups are mostly adults, in addition, this condition also brings high levels of morbidity, use of multiple therapies and functional deterioration causing a high risk of losing functional autonomy and consequently its independence. Additionally, older adults with Diabetes are at higher risk of developing frailty syndrome, even at a younger age. The same fragility generates falls that entails fractures and with it the decrease of its faculties.

All this can be prevented by finding a place where adequate care can be given for these conditions to avoid complications, and in the worst case, the death of older adults who are alone or with poor care at home.

The care we provide includes the following:

  1. Taking medications. It is essential to help the elderly to take their medications in an orderly manner and according to the doctor’s instructions. Generally when they live alone they forget to take their medications, they can take a larger amount, throw them away, forget them, etc. With a wrong administering of medicines the disease cannot be properly regulated.
  2. Choosing healthy foods. The foods that an older adult eats affect glucose levels, so it is important to know which foods are best, and how much and when she should eat. DÄMADI has a nutritionist-reviewed menu that improves the health of older adults. Our menu is rich, healthy and abundant.
  3. Keeping a record of glucose concentrations. Very high or very low concentrations of glucose can be dangerous. The plan will indicate how often an older adult should check their glucose level and how often. In DÄMADI we have a daily control according to the needs of the elderly.
  4. Keep active. Walking and other forms of daily exercise can help improve glucose levels in older people with diabetes. DÄMADI integrates the practice of daily exercise specially designed for the capacities of older adults. They like the habit of exercising daily since they feel improvement in their mobility and the loss of pain in the body.