Sexual relationships, inspiration & fulfillment for the elderly.

25 January, 2021

Many do not dare to think about it, or mention it, much less ask it. For years, several older adults often ask us this mysterious question. Should older adults continue to have sex?
Yes, to think otherwise is ignorance and denying them their exercise is an act of discrimination and a violation of their human and sexual rights. Our grandparents can also receive caresses, feeling desire is valid and it is part of human nature.

Sexuality is ageless and penetration is not the only way to experience sexual pleasure. In the case of men, erectile dysfunction is not the end of sexual life, but cultural factors limit the sexuality of our older adults.

Sexuality improves as time passes, maturity and its knowledge allow better experiences and we must become aware of it and have an integral health, physical, mental, spiritual and how important sex is in everyone’s life.
Experts point out that games of sensuality, seduction, flirting and sexual relations among older adults increase their mental, emotional and physical health. Raising their levels of security and self-esteem. Most achieve and experience love, affection and respect for their partner and themselves.

What are the factors that prevent an older adult from having sex?

Personal prejudices, I am already very old.

Religion, thinking that sex is only for procreation.

Cliches or stereotypes, what do I think of my body.

Culturally, sex is taboo.

In the case of dementias, the management of sexual relations is different, sexuality is not part of the desire, there are no limits, there is no conscience, will and the management is different, in this case we would speak of an exception.

Let’s stop having those limiting beliefs since we all go there and break old schemes, the elderly have the right to live their sexuality happily and freely.