When we talk about our grandparents, our hearts make a fusion of emotions for the eternal love we feel for them.

Making a grandparent achieve their happiness and helping them improve his quality of life, health and will to live… inspires us to create the most memorable and vibrant stories in each of them. Here we present some stories and testimonies of our resident grandparents in our Dämadi SweetHomes…


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"The effects of experience and doing things with love."

"The effects of experience and doing things with love."

My experience, for about a year and a half with the story of my father, Mr. Porfirio, who is 94 years old. He was admitted to Dämadi Pedregal, which was recommended by the daughter of another resident.

Unfortunately my father has dementia with a 5-year history and as is known, this is degenerative. We had a great fear for the adaptation period since people with dementia should not undergo sudden changes in their daily lives, it is not an easy situation to make the decision to leave the care of your loved ones in the hands of strangers, but from the beginning Lic. Lupita made us feel very confident.

In this house, my father's care has been of a very good quality in terms of managing his basic needs, since a patient with dementia becomes very complicated, because they totally depend on assistance for the minimum. Communication is constant, visits are open, respecting schedules, you can visit relatives, knowing that they will be well cared for with proper cleaning, balanced meals, clean and ventilated facilities.

I can only thank the good treatment that my father has received with quality and warmth, as well as the tranquility that he leaves me knowing that I can count on his help to continue with my activities.

God bless you and thank you.

Ana Lilia

"An experience worth telling."

"An experience worth telling."

I am Judith, Fabián's sister, my experience in Dämadi, has been from the first moment an openness and a total understanding of the needs of our family ... my deep appreciation and gratitude for the warmth, care and adjustment that they have made of Fabian's unique needs.

Especially in this crisis process they have demonstrated their human quality, close and effective in giving, in the care of my brother and all the people who are there.

When we arrived we came from a very painful situation, our mother had just died and we were very vulnerable, what we received was a lot of support and a lot of human warmth that allowed us to move forward, a lot of happiness in many things to be able to move forward...

Fabián lost his way until last year and because he did not move and leave him sitting he stopped walking, completely mute ... we were desperate, frustrated, tired, upset ... we didn't know what to do ... today in Dämadi he is much better, physically he is much better, resuming her skills, with better attention, trying to speak again.

A deep gratitude that sees the whole person who attends us with quality of life and with great respect for everyone's needs.

Thank you.


"A decision that changed his destiny."

"A decision that changed his destiny."

I want to tell you something ... I never imagined how difficult it is to make a decision for our parents, life taught us that they are the ones who make decisions ... and this time brought us a difficult time, full of chaos, uncertainty, fear, a bit of Frustration and lack of control, COVID19 caught us off guard and with emotions in total neglect.

My father entered Dämadi on April 15 due to a security issue in the face of the Covid19 pandemic and because at home he could not be given the support he needed without allowing external nurses to enter the house, we decided in my family that It was the best decision we have made.

In DÄMADI my father came in with a case of depression and little desire to get ahead and in a record period of two weeks the change has been immense. The first days my dad didn't want to be there, but thanks to the support of the nurses and his staff in general, he has improved a lot.

He is attended 24 hours a day by qualified personnel. He receives a medical evaluation and his medication and diet needs are exceptionally well cared for. In addition, they give us the facility during this pandemic to be able to talk to him when we want, we can even make video conferences with him.

I see him much more animated and he tells me that they have him with activities all day, which keeps him busy and in much better physical and mental condition.


"An experience we never imagined."

"An experience we never imagined."

Hello good afternoon. My name is Magali, Sara's daughter and I want to share with you my experience and that of my mother living in Dämadi. From the day I visited Dämadi Pedregal, I felt that this was the right place for my mother to be. It was a relief, it was a moment of rest and light after a long and difficult journey.

She arrived with a very serious eschar and was afraid that they would not accept her anywhere; speaking with Ms. Colón, she accepted my mother without hesitation. My mom already had many problems such as malnutrition, anemia, she did not walk, coupled with her dementia.

My mother entered on June 14, 2019 and since that date all the staff have been 24/7. They were difficult months for everyone, but even more so for the staff and that is why I want to thank all that they have done for her.

Today my mother is walking, talking, her clinical analysis is at the correct levels, she performs physical and recreational activities. She is very lucid and all thanks to the great support they have given her. She feels very happy and that for me is the most important thing.

All the staff knows their work very well and they perform their work excellently with dedication and care towards the residents; in addition, that they treat each one of them with respect and affection.

Thank you.


“Positive reasons, moments of life.”

“Positive reasons, moments of life.”

At this moment, Dämadi fell like a glove… hehe. In the family we consider that my Mami is in Dämadi for many positive reasons that have been added to know that it is the ideal place ... all of them have been special, for example, she receives the attention of the staff in a unique way full of affection and care very close. Whoever supervises that your medicines and food are taken in a timely manner is someone very close to us.

The company of the other resident grandparents is important because she has someone to talk to, with whom to live, interact and makes her feel alive, active… and wanting to continue. It is interesting to see how among Dämadi's grandparents they support and encourage each other.

We want to emphasize that this last month has been very important due to the contingency and the attention of the personnel and the security protocols that they have had in Dämadi with my mom.

Finally, I thank you for your commitment and professionalism, they have been of vital importance and for always being so loving and attentive to my Mom.


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